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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last UK Update!

Hello!  I can’t believe it’s down to the last few weeks of my eMi internship! I haven’t officially started a countdown, but I know family back home has. We’re always told time will go fast with things like this, and it’s so true. The team has been busy since getting back from Rwanda (aside from the bit of holiday time we had). There have been a few changes on our team, some sad and some great. Carissa, a staff architect, couldn’t get her visa renewed, so as of right now, she won’t be back in our office. With her gone, we realized just how much she had been doing. Fortunately, we have a new full time engineering volunteer from Egypt named Andrew and Sim, an architect who is volunteering part time from Malaysia. They started this past week and have already been a huge help. Praise the Lord!!  
I’ve been working on two projects. First is a Sketch-up model of the finished site, including buildings that are staying, new buildings and trees. This will give our Kibogora Hospital client a visual of our plan -- how it might look, when everything is finished. The first illustration below shows the hospital’s current buildings and some recently purchased land, which we presented in Rwanda. The second illustration shows some of the changes that we have been working on. Taking down buildings that won’t be there, adding detail to the buildings that are staying and preparing new buildings that will replace some of those existing. In addition, I’m creating a detailed layout of each room (location of toilet, sinks, beds, etc, to scale) of the Surgical/Maternity building to make sure that everything fits properly with each room function. The final project portfolio will hopefully be finished early in July.

In addition to working with eMi, I volunteer with a homeless outreach, called Open Door, at the church where our office is located. I get to talk to and serve the patrons with coffee, tea and biscuits. The church that I’ve been attending here is called St. Johns and is Anglican. My roommate and I have been involved in one of their cell groups, a group of young adults who get together on Wednesdays and other events. It’s been great to be in a community of young adults with a passion for the Lord. I’m going to miss them.

Prayer Requests:
-          Finances: I still need $2,000 before I leave to go home. It’s more than I mentioned last time because of the exchange rate. (, Donate, Volunteer: Laura Wiley)
-          The rest of my time here -- it’s coming to a close fast and I have no idea what’s happening next

I look forward to seeing everyone shortly! This may just be my last update from England. L

His Servant,


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